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Japan Marketing News & Data

Japan Marketing News & Data conduct an investigation on 2016 Sept - 2017 Mar, for "The 12th Water Purifier/ Water Conditioner/ Water Activator marketing that without shop survey", SD 501 was listed 1st of the montly sales. The sales of 1st SD 501 compare to 2nd is about 3 times more, and within the 10th products, 3 of Enagic products occupied the Top 10th position.


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Global 6A Meeting

global 6A meeting

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Sri Lanka change territory

Please take note that Sri Lanka change to Singapore territory, effective from 1st May 2017.

The following are the job allocation details:

Enagic Singapore will process order, register ID# starts from 11801000 and ship out machine.

Enagic Hong Kong will pay margin and bonus on behalf of Singapore.


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New Collection Policy (With Immediate Effect)

All Machines and Ukon products must be collected within 14 days from the date of purchase. If your order is not collected within this time, Enagic Singapore has the right to allocate those goods to another customer. An administration fee and storage may apply in the instance where you fail to collect your goods within the required time frame. All goods that are not collected within the 60 days, will be AUTO FORFEITED, NO REFUND will be allowed and NO COLLECTION will be allowed after that.

For previous orders please collect before 2nd May 2017.

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Enagic Italy Grand Opening

italy-grand-opening 11